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  • Building a More Logical Data Warehouse with a Data Vault

    14 August 2017 | By: Mark Madsen

    Mark Madsen, president of Third Nature Inc., discusses the rise of the data vault as a database modeling method that provides long-term historical storage from multiple operational systems. Madsen discusses how this enables users to look at historical data that deals with issues such as auditing, and trace data to determine where it originated.

  • Instant Cloud Ready-Meals, WhereScape Automates Snowflake

    07 August 2017 | By: Adrian Bridgwater

    Adrian Bridgwater of Forbes Magazine covers how WhereScape is now working with cloud data warehouse company Snowflake to implement instantaneousness infrastructure automation into Snowflake's domain.

  • It's once again time for your enterprise storage salmagundi of the week

    04 August 2017 | By: Chris Mellor

    Chris Mellor of The Register mentions WhereScape in a round-up of enterprise storage news and mentions how the company simplifies and automates the design, build and population of data warehouse tables.

  • CCU Advances in Higher Education Analytics

    23 March 2017 | By: Colorado Christian University

    Colorado Christian University presented a case study on CCU’s use of WhereScape’s automation software to create a Microsoft SQL enterprise data warehouse — a breakthrough that has significantly reduced the time required to develop and deploy reports on student retention, financial aid, student success, and enrollment trends.

  • Q&A: Automating the data warehouse

    By: Colin Barker, ZDNet

    WhereScape President and Founder Michael Whitehead talks about the past, present, and future of the date warehouse.

  • The Data Warehouse Has Failed, Will Cloud Computing Die Next?

    By: Adrian Bridgwater, Forbes

    There’s a trend in IT firms. CEOs and evangelists like to try and coin the next major buzz phrase with the word ‘data’ in it. There’s big data, fast data, data analytics, data provenance, time-series data and then there are data lakes, data marts and the data warehouse.

  • Data Relevance: How to Turn ‘Straw Into Gold’

    By: Nick Ismail, Information Age

    The data management lessons we can learn from Moneyball and Donald Trump (and how to turn ‘straw into gold’ in the process).

  • Q&A: Big data challenges in the modern enterprise

    By: Sam Pudwell

    An interview with Michael Whitehead, CEO & founder of WhereScape, about big data, BI and the importance of analytics.

  • When Is the Risk of New Methods Worth the Reward?

    News Articles | By: Steve Swoyer, Upside

    Two years on, Vodafone's big risk is a rip-roaring success, Driessen points out. "I can now present the customers with data that's one hour old. We've accelerated the delivery [of applications]. The time it takes to add or change things [that are missing, not quite what the business wanted, etc.] to an application has gone from months to days."

  • Lessons From The 80s - Why The Humble VCR Is Still Relevant Today

    News Articles | 17 October 2016 | By: Rob Mellor, General Manager, Mainland Europe, WhereScape

    All too often business applications are designed with masses of functionality that are created to justify an expensive upgrade path but result in users only exploiting small percentages of the available functionality. Perhaps though, the tide is starting to turn.

Listing 1 to 10 of 48