So that’s data warehouses sorted then, for now, sort of. They (the warehouses) need more automation for overall data management in the face of what are both technical and legal concerns.

Next up to put the frighteners on data management and the likelihood of cloud computing even continuing is this thing we call data relevance.

“Data led organisations have no idea how good their data is. CEOs have no idea where the data they get actually comes from, who is responsible for it etc. yet they make multi million pound decisions based on it. Big data is making the situation worse not better. So in the world of democratization of data, people get what they ask for, not what they necessarily need or want (think Brexit?) and are unconcerned with the consequences,” claims WhereScape’s Whitehead.

Oh goodness, non-relevant un-automated badly warehoused cloudy big data in a Brexit style maelstrom of democratized openness. Wasn’t cloud computing supposed to make things easier? Yes, but not quite yet, hang in there please.

The article was originally published in Forbes.