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Getting on the analyst companies radar

10 December 2007

"Is WhereScape RED an ETL tool?" is a surprisingly hard question for us to answer.  We have literally hundreds of customers who use us to "form data marts and data warehouses", part of the webopedia definition of ETL.  Yet we also have many customers who use WhereScape RED in conjunction with a traditional ETL tool. 

We could just say "yes" - people use us to build a data warehouse, so we must be an ETL tool, and we could conveniently ignore the fact that we can coexist and add value to ETL tool customers.  However there is another problem - we don't operate in the same was as a traditional ETL tool, making comparisons difficult.  Customers buy WhereScape RED to build data warehouses quicker and to make management and changes easier, to manage the entire data warehouse lifecycle, not purely as an ETL tool.

Unfortunately for us this does not fit into one of the neat boxes (or four boxes) that the analyst companies use.  We were therefore pleased to be mentioned in both the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools, 2007 and also IDCs Worldwide Data Warehouse Platform Tools 2006 report.

 Gartner put us in a category of:

..vendors that are sometimes considered by Gartner clients alongside those appearing in the Magic Quadrant when deployment needs are aligned with their specific capabilities and/or are newer market entrants with relevant capabilities.

IDC  included us in the "Other Selected Vendors" correctly identified as data warehouse lifecycle management software.

The pure play data movement and ETL categories are not for us, the ETL question is answered differently for different customers, but the in a world of discontinuous change the concept of building quickly and enabling change is universal and compelling.


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