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Master distributor set to expand Australian market

01 May 2007

Atlanta, GA - WhereScape today announed that it has appointed Sydney-based MIP as its master distributor, kicking off a major drive to expand sales, usage and deployment of WhereScape RED across Australia.

Founded fifteen years ago in the U.K, MIP is well known for launching products like Infomatica, Microstrategy, Clementine and Forest & Trees into the Australian market.

The new distributor plans to be highly pro-active in increasing the presence and usage of WhereScape RED across Australia, says CEO Steve Hitchman.

"The market really needs this capability," he says.

"It will save Australian customers huge amounts of time and money, reduce risk, and radically improve the time to market for their data warehousing and business intelligence projects."

WhereScape RED builds data warehouses 10-100 times faster than existing solutions and encapsulates the principles and best practices of data warehousing out of the box.

"These are the things which make data warehouses successful," Steve Hitchman says.

"Traditionally, they have only been available from the brains of specialist data warehouse practitioners. Australian customers can gain significant benefits from using this type of next generation technology. We will generate interest through trade and road shows, seminars and through our relationships with other companies in the data space."

MIP is also building up a WhereScape RED skill base that can be deployed to support any reseller.

"We’re working to grow and deepen the support skill base that’s available to Australian customers and resellers. We’re here to support resellers that have extra support needs of any kind. If a reseller asks us for help, they’ve got it."


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