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30 November 2007

WhereScape has been awarded Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status this week.  Gold Certification for us is based on WhereScape RED certification.  We have passed the "Verified for Windows Server 2003" and "Certified for Windows Vista" tests as well as Plaform Tests for Windows Server and for SQL Server 2005.  We thought that gave us enough points, but when they were compiled it turned out we were 10 points short.  With customer references providing 2 points each, we asked 5 of our customers to provide references  - a big thanks to the customers who responded - we had the points we needed within a day (with the first reference coming back within 10 minutes).  We hope to use Gold Certification to make sure we provide the best support we can to our SQL Server customers - and are already looking at Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008.


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