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Migrating Between RDBMS Platforms

18 October 2007


A powerful feature within WhereScape RED is the ability to migrate a metadata repository from one RDBMS platform to another. This will allow you to take an existing data warehouse environment on one database, such as SQL Server, and move it to another like Oracle. While rarely used, this functionality is of immense value should you need to move RDBMS platforms at any stage after the data warehouse has been created.

The following steps can be performed to move an existing WhereScape RED metadata repository from one RDBMS platform to another. Note: this only moves the metadata structures and content, it does not move the data contained in the data warehouse.

Prior to performing the metadata migration you may wish to perform the following tasks to ease the process;

1. Upgrade to the latest version of WhereScape RED, to ensure you have the latest functionality.


2. Archive the Scheduler Audit and Detail log tables if you do not need to bring across this information. The archive process moves the records from the audit trail log to an audit trail archive table. This will reduce the amount of data that needs to be imported into the target metadata repository. To perform the archive, go to the Scheduler tab within RED and choose from the menu: Logs



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