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Retrofitting Code in Teradata

18 October 2007

WhereScape RED automatically generates, runs and schedules Teradata stored procedures.   It also has support for Teradata macros and bteq scripts, allowing them to be held in the metadata, run and scheduled.

Many Teradata customers have large numbers of existing bteq scripts and macros.   WhereScape has a utility for importing existing procedures, bteq scripts and macros into the WhereScape RED metadata repository.

The WhereScape Code Retrofit Utility creates one procedure, macro or bteq script object in the WhereScape RED Repository for each procedure, macro or bteq script imported.

Large numbers of procedures, macros or bteq scripts can be imported in a single import.   The utility can also be called from a script inside WhereScape RED and scheduled if required:retrofitting-code-shrunk.JPG 

This utility can be supplied on request (including a sample script).


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