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When to Consider Editing Dependencies on a Job

18 October 2007


In general, the recommendation regarding editing dependencies is...avoid editing dependencies on a job.

With some thought and configuration the standard WhereScape RED scheduler options for configuring task groupings and job dependencies will provide a job that runs optimally.  Of course a generalist approach can sometimes be circumvented for a valid reason, so if dependencies must be manually modified the option is available.


What can you do when editing dependencies?


Dependencies can be removed, modified and created.


When should this be considered?


When you have given real consideration as to how standard WhereScape RED scheduler configurations can provide the performance you require from the set of tasks. Having gone through this process of elimination and concluded that you are still better off editing dependencies. Edit them.


Having edited dependencies on a job how do I manage ongoing changes?


This question is presented to you after making changes to the job through the tasks edit box.

For a job with edited dependencies never answer yes to the prompt "Do you want to rebuild ALL dependencies".  If you do all custom dependency edits will be lost.

If you add a task to the job, WhereScape RED will create the necessary dependencies for you without the need to rebuild all dependencies. These dependencies can then be reviewed and edited if necessary.

If you change the order of an existing task you will be presented with the following statement when leaving the task edit box:

Some tasks have beem modified in either their order or action.  NO changes have been made to the dependencies in these modified tasks.  Either make these changes manually (recommended if no standard dependencies) or edit again (make a change) and rebuild the dependencies.


WhereScape RED is now directing you to manually modify existing dependencies and add any new dependencies required using the dependency editor. WhereScape RED will make no additions or modifications to the existing dependencies in this situation.


Are jobs versioned?

No. When you make changes you risk losing a previously edited and working job if things go wrong. This can result in a significant amount of re-work. The advice is to back up jobs with edited dependencies separately. This can be done in two easy ways.

1. Prior to changing the job take a copy (right click and choose ‘insert copy of job’).


2. Create an application that holds all jobs with edited dependencies.



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