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The value of Business Intelligence in a down economy

08 December 2008

When looking at the value of BI in today’s market the saying that victory has a hundred fathers springs to mind.  When times are good there are any number of reasons people give – great strategy, leading products, fantastic people etc.  When the market is down the value of data becomes more important – Which divisions actually do provide our profits? Will this new program cannibalize existing offerings? Does revenue success translate through to profit success?

Data and, by extension, business intelligence is particularly important in a down economy.  Decisions are always easier when you have the relevant information at your fingertips, and in a down economy critical decisions are about survival not bragging rights.

Enabling speed to value, the key characteristic of WhereScape RED, is critical when resources are tight.  Return on Investment needs to be measured, and writing software to help reduce the investment is still the best way we can help with ROI.

It is therefore really pleasing to here about some examples where WhereScape RED significantly reduced the investment required by customers.

“We recently identified a new subject area that users were struggling to report and analyse. Using Wherescape RED we managed to build an analysis area in days which was close to 80% production ready. Finishing the development in weeks resulted in the users being ecstatic with our deliverable.” Raj Kapadia, IT Business Intelligence Manager, SKYCITY

“We had identified three likely subject areas for development but weren’t sure all were feasible or would deliver value.  In less than one day with a WhereScape Consultant we had proven the feasibility and value of the most complex of the three areas using WhereScape RED to develop to 70% of the finished product. We exceeded the business expectation of speed to value by delivering this in days, not months.” Chris Wyllie, Business Intelligence Administrator, Vero Insurance


Thanks Raj and Chris.  These are both great examples of how people can use WhereScape RED to considerably reduce effort and cost – and a great reminder to us why customers buy WhereScape RED.


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