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WhereScape RED new functionality

28 February 2008

WhereScape RED has a full time team of developers continually adding new features, adding support for new versions of database platforms and fixing bugs.  A primary input for deciding what will get worked on is the Forum – so if you have any suggestions / bugs to report then please use the Forum.


Recently there have been a lot of additions to WhereScape RED and I thought I would highlight some of the majors added through to (current beta):


  •          Support added for Oracle 11 as a data warehouse platform.
  •          Beta support for SQL Server 2008 (including Analysis Services) as a data warehouse platform.
  •          Check in / out support extended - different objects (tables, views, indexes and procs) can now be checked out and (in), not just procedures.   In addition multiple items can be checked out (and in) in one go.
  •          Native ODBC works on all data warehouse platforms (including DB2) - this is the fastest database to database method for importing data into the data warehouse.
  •          Export objects - provide the ability to export data from the data warehouse to files and manage it as part of the data warehouse scheduling.
  •          Retrofit objects - added to simplify the process of importing existing data warehouses or pre-defined data warehouse schemas into the WhereScape RED Meta repository.
  •          Browsing the data warehouse objects (in the source or right hand pane) is easier now in large data warehouses because you can filter objects by project.
  •          Analysis Services 2005+ - there have been several fixes and additions to cube support including fixes to processing, support for attribute relationships, and drill through actions.
  •          There have been numerous developer usability tweaks such as right click view code for a table, right click update / custom for a table, and right click start job for a held job,


The relase notes for each version contain a complete list of changes, but these are the highlights.


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