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Thanks to ASB Bank for a great case study

30 June 2008
Michael Whitehead

Our thanks to Rosalie and Yohan at ASB Bank for the great case study on their Human Resources data mart.  It was the sort of project our guys really enjoy working on, with committed and involved users.  When you are doing a prototype based build engagement is the critical factor.  It can be used to decrease cycle times, as Yohan said "We could iterate the warehouse daily, and immediately work around any roadblocks or new requirements that came up."  Engagement also results in a better solution.  We find that when issues arise the developers and users can jointly attack them, together working through any compromises, changes in design or changes in approach.  The data warehouse development in this case was 30% ahead of schedule, a result that is also not unusual for prototype-and-iterate projects undertaken with committed users.


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