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WhereScape wins at IBM IOD!

02 November 2008

WhereScape’s Mark Budzinski (VP Sales & Operations - North America) and Jason Laws (Chief Architect) won overall first place in the Demo 'Til You Drop contest at the IBM Information On Demand conference in Las Vegas (held in the last week of October 2008).

In Demo 'Til You Drop, contestants can demo anything from company products and projects to their own personal talents (technical or not!).  They take center stage in this lighthearted evening event and share a demo, announce their latest invention, just a great idea or share their vast expertise with the audience.  Plug-ins, add-ons, apps and tips are all fair game.

In true "Gong Show" style, prizes are awarded to the evening's most talented demoers.  Demos are limited to 5 minutes and must be within the bounds of good taste, respect for others, and the laws of the State of Nevada.

Jason silently migrated a Data Warehouse in another type of database to IBM DB2 using WhereScape RED while Mark talked about being on vacation on the wrong island and needing to get to the right island…   Oh, and Jason was dressed as a giant chicken!

The entire demo was completed in less than five minutes, to rapturous crowd applause.  Mark’s final line was: “if a giant chicken can do this, you can”.

The migration included:

- migrating a star schema (with data) from another database to DB2

- rebuilding all code to load the data warehouse using DB2 SQL stored procedures

- generating a new cube on top of the migrated star schema

- building a new graphical report in Excel on the cube

Thanks to Gerry from LIC and Laura Hammond from IBM for the photos.


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