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07 August 2009

We have been busy podcasting with the guys from BeyeNETWORK.  Shaun and the team do a fantastic job of putting together podcasts - the production value is always high, and their turnaround time is phenomenal.

You can hear Michael Whitehead, WhereScape Founder and CEO, talk with Claudia Imhoff from the Pacific Northwest BI Summit 2009.  The subject of this discussion is the emerging category of rapid data warehouse development. This one was a challenge - inside while at a beautiful location with the temperature over 100.

Michael Whitehead and Claudi Imhoff from the Pacific Northwest BI Summit

A week later Mark Budzinski, VP and General Manager of US Operations spoke with the BeyeNETWORK team from TDWI in San Diego.  He provides an update on Version 6 as well as his perspective on the movement toward building specialized marts, reporting and analytical systems off of enterprise data warehouses to respond to pressing business needs.

Mark Budzinski from TDWI San Diego

Next up...we are going multimedia with a video shot from the deck at the Weasku Inn during the Pacific Northwest BI Summit.  We will post it once the BeyeNETWORK team have done their magic with it.


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