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WhereScape RED NZ Product User Group 2008

08 January 2009

Between December 9th and 12th we presented a cut down 2 hour user group around NZ in order to provide a year end update on WhereScape and WhereScape RED. We had a good turn out in the 3 centres that we presented to.

In summary the main points of the presentation were:

  • Our partnership with IBM – what this means. Basically IBM will distribute RED in their “Balanced Warehouse” initiative which aims to improve the speed to value proposition of their DB2 and associated warehouse solution. This is big news for us as it endorses our approach and of course WhereScape RED – they searched for a suitable product to fill this space in their solutions’ software stack and they made the approach to WhereScape.
  • Perry did a bit on “You are in good Company” which went through new customers locally (big ones were The Warehouse and BNZ), internationally (some Aussie govt depts. And US companies) and company growth.
  • I covered a piece on v5.6.4 – which was a recap of things that have been added recently, such as:
    o Native ODBC Loads – for fast loading of data from other databases
    o Retro fit objects to load in a data warehouse model, or an existing data warehouse.
    o Export objects – allow you to create files from your data warehouse objects
    o Check-in / Check-out – allows team members to lock areas of the data warehouse from other developers to ensure no one overwrites another team members work.
    o Improved Application Load – generates DDL files so that production administrators can decide how to apply changes into production by running the RED generated DDL.
    o SQL 2008 support.
  • I then covered new additions in v6 of RED. These items are in beta and will be released soon, including:
    o IBM DB2 support (out now)
    o Improved MS OLAP management - managing OLAP shared dimensions, cubes and security roles as separate RED objects
    o New documentation layout – that utilises FRAMES and one HTML file per object. The index displayed down the side includes project and project group hierarchies.
    o New Project management screen for easier management of projects.
    o Improved integration with other Source Control systems.
  • To be released in v6 are the new RED Editions:
    o RED Mart (current RED ) - builds dimensional data marts and data warehouses
    o RED Store – builds and manages data store objects (persistent load data).
    o RED Warehouse – builds and manages 3rd Normal form data warehouses.
    These editions can be mixed and matched eg Data Store and Dimensional in the same RED repository or in separate ones.
  • We had Scott from IBM talk about Master Data Management and Data Quality.
  • Finally we closed on a discussion around the viability of a 2 day User Work Group made up of Advanced Training (eg MDM, Prototyping), Customer stories and workshops.


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