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Quickstart Oracle Financials data marts in SQL Server

12 March 2009

This is just a quick blog to remind you that WhereScape have pre-built data marts built for several modules of Oracle Financials. These quickstarts allow us to install, tweak (people have a habit of customising these applications) and process data marts built to analyse Oracle Financials information (eg GL or AP) very quickly, within a day or so per module. Once in a generic dimensional data mart the data can be reported and analysed using a wide range of user friendly tools (eg BO, Cognos, etc). That frees people from the built-in reporting and provides the ability to integrate this data with other analysis areas.

Just to add some spice to the story - this week we had a request to install these Oracle Financials quickstarts into a SQL Server data warehouse. This is a new twist - normally its Oracle Financials into an Oracle data warehouse. But by using the database conversion functionality in RED (described here a consultant has delivered 2 main areas (AP and GL) in SQL Server with 2.5 days of effort. In addition they added Analysis Services OLAP cubes over the top of the star schemas (because RED is good at that too) so that the accountants can slice and dice the data directly from Excel. A very quick way to make friends with Accounting! Now they can also analyse how little the solution cost them!


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