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Sporting Prowess

23 March 2009

A couple of years ago Yann and Steve got the WhereScape team into running.  The first half marathon we did saw seven of us hit the course.  Last year there was a real drop off - one into the marathon and one entering the half.  This year, however, has seen a rise in new sports.  Steve, Jason and Doug took on the Kona Colville Classic, a 72km (45 mile) gentle pedal in the middle of summer along some mostly paved roads with the occasional puddle.

A couple of weeks before I did a gruelling 4.6km (2.9 mile) swim from the island of Rangitoto to St Heliers beach.

The island we started from can be seen behind Jeremy, while the next photo doesn't quite capture how good it is to be back on dry land.

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