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TDWI Webinar - can a techie present?

14 May 2009

WhereScape participated on a TDWI webinar today. The intention of this webinar was to position the current leaders in a newly defined category of Data Warehouse Automation tools against each other. The inspiration for this webinar was a thread in TDWI's group on Linked In about WhereScape. And to their credit TDWI saw value in running this webinar to open up this discussion from an independant standpoint.

Our bit in webinar was supposed to be a 5 minute presentation by Mark our VP of Sales with myself present to answer any technical questions. Unfortunately due to technical problems I ended up having to do the presentation as well. Now I have seen the presentation (in longer form) several times, but to give it with a moments notice was tough. If I was incoherent then I apologise. If you are new to WhereScape I would recommend viewing our online videos, asking for a sales demo or catching the next Webinar that we are running (5/19/09 1pm PDT), register for this webinar or any others at WhereScape Seminars.

The short answer to "can a techie present?", based on feedback from colleagues, is a resounding "almost". But don't give up the day job.

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