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WhereScape at the BBBT

30 November 2009

The BBBT is one of those events you wait a long time for.  The brain child of Claudia Imhoff, the Boulder BI Brain Trust is an opportunity for vendors to spend quality time with some of the BI industry's leading analysts.  It is a popular and sort after event - I understand the slots for 2010 are basically gone already.  Our slot was booked in the beginning of the year, and we got to present on the 20th of November.

We have met with and briefed a number of the analysts before, but this is a little different.  First off it is face-to-face in Claudia's office.  Secondly it is for half a day - much longer than a standard briefing.

Talking with a room of highly intelligence and opinionated analysts has its challenges.  At one point a tweet came through that it was like being in a room full of ADD sufferers - and that was from some one sitting there.  As well as the physical audience, analysts also dial in from around the US and the world.  I hate to think what it is like to try and keep up with all the questions and conversations if you are not actually present.

The BBBT is held in Boulder, Colorado.  I had not been to Boulder before, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed visiting.  The Boulderado was a great hotel, and the restaurants and ambiance of the city was superb.

I may admit to sneaking in some geocaching the day before -always good to add a new state.  Dinner the night before with Claudia and the crew from B-eye-network was a highlight, and there may be some truth to the rumor it finished at a Tequila bar.

The actual presentation is pretty free format.  For the first half we choose to talk about WhereScape and WhereScape RED - why we started the company, what we wnated to achieve, who was buying our software, and what they were achieving with it.  All the way through there are tweets coming from around the world and in the room - sort of instant and constant polling of how interesting you are. 

For the second half we choose to talk about our future directions.  For us this was the interesting part.  We talked through our ideas of the market and the new things you will be seeing from WhereScape over the next year or so.  We are excited about our roadmap, and it was invaluable to get feedback and insights at an early stage from a bunch of savvy experienced people.

Overall the experience was great.  We got heaps of feedback and ideas, and I hope the analyst community gained a greater understanding of what customers can achieve with WhereScape.  Thanks to Claudia and Dave Imhoff for hosting the event, Shawn Rogers and Richard Hackathorn for their instant-blogs (both were up before the end of the session) and all the participants for their interest and comments.


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