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Claudia Imhoff Webinar - What Have We Learned Over 20 Years in BI?

08 October 2009

We are thrilled that Claudia Imhoff will be joining WhereScape on a webinar tomorrow.  The topic is "Time and Money Lost: What Have We Learned Over 20 Years in BI?".  Claudia will be talking about what has been learned over the past 20 years, and all attendees will receive a free copy of her latest white paper.

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Event Date: 10/08/2009 02:00 PM EDT

Business intelligence (BI), as it turns out, is not an oxymoron. Companies today are enjoying the fruits of successful BI implementations. Some firms have been at it for 20 years, learning over that period how to get the most out of their BI implementation to maximize value to the business. But for many others, time has been lost and money has been wasted…building robust BI systems has been challenging.

Why have some succeeded while others have yet to figure it out? The key to business intelligence sustainability is a solid data warehouse infrastructure that will support the business intelligence effort. Until the data warehouse is properly implemented, not much good can come from the BI system. And those that have done it well know that data warehouses are living, breathing systems that demand constant change management in order to be effective. Data warehouse projects are not like traditional software projects in the sense that they are never done. They evolve, change, and grow.

Smart BI practitioners and managers build on the experience of successful organizations and use technology that helps to automate the entire data warehouse life cycle, including the elusive documentation so critical to ongoing management. With this approach, they gain confidence that their data warehouse environments will enable them to reap the benefits of business intelligence for years to come, while optimizing the constraints of time and budget along the way.

Attend this event featuring industry expert Claudia Imhoff to learn:
What has 20 years taught us?

What works…and what doesn’t.

How top-notch BI consulting companies have tuned their practices for modern day success.

Secrets of success from world-class BI experts.

All attendees will receive a copy of the Claudia Imhoff white paper, "Best Practices for BI: What We Have Learned in 20 Years".


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