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End of the line for Practitioner Licenses

23 April 2010

We are moving away from the concept of the free Practitioner License of WhereScape RED.

The original idea was that we would happily provide free copies of WhereScape RED to individuals, but would charge organizations if they wanted to go into production with the output.  I guess we should have anticipated it, but whereas the majority of people respected this, the minority have caused an issue.  We have now had too many instances where people have used the free software to build entire data warehouses.  We were pretty relaxed when this was an individual practitioner doing this, but fair to say we got up tight when BI consulting companies were charging for projects, using our software to build solutions faster, and leaving the end customer with an unlicensed solution.

So...from V6.1 (which is in beta now) the practitioner keys will no longer work.  Evaluation Keys are not impacted.

If you have a practitioner key you can continue to use it (within the original restrictions) with pre 6.1 versions.

If this is going to cause you a real pain, and you were using a practitioner key for valid reasons, then give us a call.  We will see if we can come up with a solution that works for you.


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