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Enhanced Support for Agile Practices Highlight New Release of WhereScape’s Data Warehouse Development Environment

17 August 2010

Enhanced Support for Agile Practices Highlight New Release of
WhereScape’s Data Warehouse Development Environment
Abano Healthcare Group using WhereScape RED to quickly build
 enterprise data warehouses and rapidly iterate as business needs dictate

San Diego, CA  – August 16, 2010 – WhereScape introduced today a new version of its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for data warehousing that adds significant capabilities to better support common Agile data warehousing practices.  The announcement was made at the TDWI World Conference where TDWI is offering 15 full and half-day courses dedicated to “Creating an Agile BI Environment.”  WhereScape is demonstrating the new software release in Booth #106.    

WhereScape RED 6.5 supports common Agile practices including improved command line interaction for continuous integration testing, improved ability to back out changes, and better integration with source control and testing systems.  Significant Agile features of WhereScape RED 6.5 include: 

  • Automated generation of standard code: error handling, status updates, documentation, parameters, naming conventions, indexing, etc.
  • Automated development of standard BI logic: incremental data loads, slowly changing dimensions, surrogate keys, de-normalization.
  • Integrated operations framework, with job scheduler, status and error reporting, dependency management, email notification.
  • Complete version management for both stored procedures and database objects.
  • Ability to load and back out changes from the command line.
  • Multiple user definable windows to allow opening of testing or other browser based products.
  • The ability to define tests and provide a standard procedure template for running tests in the integrated scheduler.

“Agility in data warehousing and business intelligence is established on a set of values, principles and practices that can apply to all BI projects ranging from canned reporting to data visualization to data mining, quantitative analytics and include data warehouse development,” said Ken Collier, founder and president of KWC Technologies, recognized as a leading Agile Business Intelligence (BI) practitioner since 2004. “WhereScape has admirably made efforts to enhance its rapid development environment to enable Agile data warehouse development, to help align it with effective Agile technical practices.”

“We purchased WhereScape RED and succeeded in building our data warehouses quickly and with close alignment to what the business wanted from their information assets,” said Peter Radich, CIO of Abano Healthcare Group, a healthcare organization operating 13 brands across five countries in Asia/Pacific.  “WhereScape RED 6.5 will enable delivery of our warehousing solutions even faster, with improved automation and quality.  We look forward to implementing it in the near future and reaping the benefits very quickly.” 

“Organizations currently purchase WhereScape to build a data warehouse or project mart faster and more cost effectively, as well as our ability to rapidly interate, so it was a very small leap to move from ‘building data warehouses fast’ to ‘building data warehouses in an Agile friendly fashion,’” said WhereScape founder and CEO Michael Whitehead.  “WhereScape RED 6.5 has been engineered to align with the most common Agile practices and testing tools utilized today.”

Build Data Warehouses Quickly
WhereScape RED is focused on data warehouse developers who utilize the software to build data warehouses quickly and easily adapt them to keep up with the business. WhereScape RED can access source data from multiple environments, create procedural code, scripts, and tables, build cubes, schedule updates, and generate documentation in HTML format, all while maintaining existing BI front-end compatibility.

Pricing and Availability
WhereScape RED 6.5 is available immediately and priced on a per developer basis, beginning at $50,000 USD.

About WhereScape
WhereScape provides a product, WhereScape RED, which transforms traditional approaches to building and managing data warehouses with a truly Agile methodology. WhereScape RED is the only comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for data warehousing that supports the entire data warehouse management life cycle, integrating source system exploration, schema design, metadata management, warehouse scheduling and enhancement into a single, simple integrated design.

More than 350 customers worldwide are using WhereScape RED on a variety of platforms. Projects performed using WhereScape RED typically come in under budget, ahead of schedule, with improved performance, greater transparency and built on more solid foundations over the systems they replace. WhereScape has head offices in Auckland, New Zealand, Portland Oregon, and Wokingham, UK.  For more information, please visit


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