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WhereScape Agile Development Environment Deployed by Coinstar

17 August 2010

TDWI Booth #106                                                                                  

WhereScape Agile Development Environment Deployed by Coinstar

to Build and Refresh its New Corporate Data Warehouse

WhereScape RED enabled Coinstar to successfully deploy a

terabyte-sized Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse in six months 

San Diego, CA  – August 16, 2010 – WhereScape announced today that Coinstar, Inc., a leading provider of automated retail solutions, is using WhereScape’s comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for managing data warehouses with a truly Agile methodology.  Coinstar has used WhereScape’s Agile development environment to successfully deploy two major phased releases of its new Microsoft SQL Server corporate data warehouse.  The announcement was made at the TDWI World Conference where TDWI is offering 15 full and half-day courses dedicated to “Creating an Agile BI Environment.”  Coinstar is participating in WhereScape’s Booth #106. 

Since deployment, Coinstar is now using WhereScape RED to perform nightly batch loads, consolidate and aggregate transactional, financial, configuration, and employee data from SQL Server source systems as well as occasional text file loads into the data warehouse.  In total, tens of millions of rows are loaded and processed each day over several hundred tables using WhereScape RED.

 New Data Warehouse Supports Growing Business

Integrating the data assets of multiple lines of business has increased Coinstar’s need for a centralized data warehouse and consolidated reporting system to serve the user community of business analysts, field operations, client managers and management. 

In 2009 the company embarked on a mission to build a corporate data warehouse using SQL Server that would consolidate common data elements between its Coin and DVD businesses.  The goal was to create a single view of the overall business, with the ability to deliver detailed reporting and analytics.  The Coinstar data warehouse runs Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. 

In doing its due diligence, Coinstar sought out a solution that would provide efficiency in developing ETL code, building the data warehouse objects, integrating with operational jobs and producing documentation.  Because of the tight deadlines and budget constraints, the company felt a manual coding environment would not suffice and Coinstar selected WhereScape RED for its integration with SQL Server, metadata management and its ability to produce documentation as part of the development process.

According to Christi Liebe, Coinstar’s corporate vice president of information technology, “WhereScape RED enabled the development effort to be distributed more broadly across the team, allowing analysts and developers to approach the implementation process simultaneously, in a nimble, Agile way.  WhereScape RED reduces dependency on ‘tribal knowledge’ as the thought process can easily be captured and stored for later review and possible reuse,” she said.  “It enables Coinstar to focus more on best practices for designing the data warehouse, and to understand the data being stored in it, rather than on the actual build activities.” 

“WhereScape provides a unique and compelling alternative for quickly building and deploying SQL Server data warehouses as well as project marts that can be quickly adapted as the business dictates,” said Mark Madsen, founder and president of Third Nature, a research and consulting company specializing in business intelligence (BI), information delivery and open source technologies. “WhereScape can assist IT organizations not only with building out a data warehouse, but also keeping it updated and refreshed after deployment, an ‘Achilles heel’ for organizations that often run out of budget and reallocate resources once the warehouse is deployed.”   

Fully Integrated with Microsoft SQL Server

WhereScape RED provides native support for SQL Server as well as Teradata, Oracle and IBM DB2.  The same WhereScape integrated development environment is used to build SQL Server data warehouses as well as Analysis Services cubes.  The benefits are simple – organizations only need to learn one development environment, end to end metadata from the source system through to the cube layer (and where supported the client tool as well), integrated workflow and scheduling for the data warehouse and the cubes, automatically maintained lineage information and documentation from source system extract through to the data warehouse and the cubes. 

“We are delighted to welcome Coinstar as a WhereScape customer and to be an integral part of the company’s Agile data warehousing initiatives,” said WhereScape Founder and CEO Michael Whitehead.   “Coinstar is a great example of an organization that is not only developing its data warehousing solution quickly, but making it easily adaptable as business needs dictate.”

About WhereScape

WhereScape provides a product, WhereScape RED, which transforms traditional approaches to building and managing data warehouses with a truly Agile methodology. WhereScape RED is the only comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for data warehousing that supports the entire data warehouse management life cycle, integrating source system exploration, schema design, metadata management, warehouse scheduling and enhancement into a single, simple integrated design.

More than 350 customers worldwide are using WhereScape RED on a variety of platforms. Projects performed using WhereScape RED typically come in under budget, ahead of schedule, with improved performance, greater transparency and built on more solid foundations over the systems they replace. WhereScape has head offices in Auckland, New Zealand, Portland Oregon, and Wokingham, UK.  For more information, please visit


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