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Agile BI Webinar with Forrester August 4

21 July 2010

WhereScape, in conjunction with Forrester and Composite Software, is running an Agile BI webinar.  As well as our very own Mark Budzinski, the other presenters will be Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Rorbert Eve, EVP of Marketing with Composite Software.

The idea for the webinar really came about from the research Boris conducted on Agile BI, and more specifically meta data driven development of data warehouses,  which featured both WhereScape and Composite.

WhereScape and Composite have totally different approaches to solving the same set of problems.  It should make the event interesting as both vendors will have to articulate our own value propositions in a manner that clearly differentiates our offerings.  This can only be useful for people looking at different approaches to being agile.

The webinar is on Wednesday August 4th, 11am PT/ 2PM ET.  More information and registration is provided here.


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