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Cycling Legends at Colville

31 March 2010

Once again, Steve, Jason and Doug and new recruit Jake took on the2010 Kona Colville Classic, a 72km (45 mile) mountain bike race around the tip of the Coromandel Peninsula (  The section of the race around the top is not accessible by road so careful riding and packing of tools was required.  On the day, we all got round the course safely in one piece and with various levels of physical discomfort!

We all beat our previous 2009 times largely due to our increased fitness, strength and in part due to the fact there was no rain this year so no mud bath.  Photos show before (pre race nervous smiles at Colville) and after (rehydrating and carbo loading in Coromandel Town)




According to post race banter, the 2011 race will continue to feature some WhereScapers on bikes……     

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