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Bill Inmon on Incremental Data Warehouse Development

27 May 2010

So I will admit I am little behind on my reading...but I just got around to looking at a blog posting on the BeyeNETWORK from Bill Inmon entitled "Incremental Data Warehouse Development – The Only Way to Fly"

I totally agree with what he says.  The SDLC approach for data warehousing doesn't work, never has worked, and never will work.  How can you use an approach predicated on solid requirements when you know you cannot get them? 

The more I read articles like this, the more I am convinced that WhereScape is on the right track building in support for agile data warehousing practices.  This doesn't need to mean Agile with a capital "A", but agile in the context of small, fast pieces of work.  Watch this space - as well as working on a huge amount of new functionality in WhereScape RED to make it even faster to build data warehouses, we have a new product under development as well.  More on that later, but I can say it will be totally focused on helping developers build data warehouses faster.

And thanks to Raphael Klebanov for sending the link through.


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