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Archived Webinar: Get Agile: A Metadata Generated Approach for Data Warehouse Development and Management

03 September 2010

We have just put up the archive of a webinar we did last month on a meta data driven approach to data warehouse development.

The webinar description is:

After nearly two decades, databases, development tools, and design approaches have matured greatly to support Business Intelligence. Yet, Data Warehouse projects still struggle to meet the needs of business users and often require resources beyond the reach of many companies. Agile development techniques address the underlying root causes of the roadblocks to success. Unfortunately, most BI development tools were not designed to support this approach. Presenters will illustrate the agile approach, using the industry's preeminent agile data warehouse development platform, and motivate attendees to consider just how successful agile DW development can be for most businesses, regardless of size.

Why you should attend:

  • Learn how to make your current data warehouse nimble and responsive to the dynamic needs of the business.
  • Don't have a proper data warehouse? It's not as expensive and resource intensive as you think to build one.
  • Doing too much via hand coding, without any documentation? A metadata generated approach accelerates the development process.
  • Build faster, and manage more effectively by getting agile.

What you'll take away:

  • Free one-hour private consultation focused on your Data Warehousing challenges.
  • Data Warehouse Prototyping Whitepaper

To access the webinar yopu will need to register and login here - it is hosted on a third party site.



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