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Star Wars meets Ponsonby

20 September 2010

The initial part of the WhereScape Auckland team meeting for August 2010 was held at the Megazone Laser Tag venue just off Ponsonby Road.

This involves grown men (we couldn’t persuade any of the WhereScape woman to join us) putting on a jacket with lots of flashing lights and holding what looks like a giant laser powered plastic hairdryer.  Then, you all run around in the dark with added smoke in a 2 level maze and try and shoot each other and the other teams home base as many times as possible.  All the shots, hits and misses are recorded and scores calculated on an individual and team basis at the end of each game.  With gun names like “Javelin” and “Napalm” we all slipped in to serious soldier mode and proceeded to have a great time.  Despite it being a “non contact” activity, after 3 hot, sweaty games we had several accidents involving people running into each other at full speed and even a few bouts of man wrestling.


Can you spot the really scary looking dude in the photo ? We never found out his name…..

The second part of the evening was spent cruising the trendy bars in Ponsonby. 

Thanks to all who turned up for a great night.



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