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Santa(s) Run for Charity - Dec 2011

09 December 2011

Being keen supporters of any charity who are prepared to sponsor and organise an event and give away goodie bags, WhereScape had a strong contingent entered in this years “The Great New Zealand Santa Run.

All jokes aside, the KidsCan charity is a fantastic charity that supports disadvantaged Kiwi children.  With at least one in six New Zealand children living in poverty, this was a cause we wanted to raise money for.

KidsCan helps by providing food, school shoes, rain coats and other items to children in lower socio economic areas.  KidsCan assists children in schools where the needs are most acute and provides them with resources to overcome the physical obstacles to education.

 The event itself takes place in 6 locations across New Zealand and we entered the Auckland one, which consisted of a very short, 3km in length, completely flat course in the Viaduct Harbour.  Compared to some of the events we have done we thought this would be a walk in the park but we had forgotten the most difficult thing would be to run on a really hot summer night in a really hot and itchy Santa suit with a beard that was hard to breathe through!

 Last year there were 350 Santas taking part, but this year the numbers were up to 850 which was an amazing sight to see, especially for people dining in the Viaduct.  Despite the Santa suits all being “One size fits all” you can clearly see from the photo that some were a little tighter than others.

“What about the Chicken ?” I hear you ask.  Well, that just happens to the WhereScape CEO and Co Founder, Michael Whitehead.  We are not sure why he chose to run in an outfit that was even hotter than our “super hot” Santa suits (he even added a Santa skirt after the photo was taken), but the crowds loved and cheered the WhereScape “Chicken Man”.  They took some persuading that Mike was actually supposed to be a Christmas Turkey but a great effort.

A great laugh for a great cause and as usual we’ll be looking for even more people next year to take part to see if WhereScape can beat eleven Santas and one chicken, I mean turkey…..


A big thanks to all who took part.


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