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IDC Conference in London

29 June 2011

A long time ago at a conference far far away....

It was an early start for the WhereScape Europe team on Wednesday meeting at the office at 5:30 am to get ready for the IDC BI conference in London. With the land speeders loaded up and the team raring to go we set off for the big smoke in anticipation of an interesting and productive conference.....and we were not disappointed!

With the stand up and team buzzing from too much caffeine we were ready to face the delegates and show them just how to build data warehouses right, now. The conference was very well attended but as is often the case with these events the morning session was a little slow to pick up however we still managed to demo to a few people before the call came out for the first presentation of the day with a few people just missing the end of the demo but so intrigued as to promise to come back later to see more, which they did.

Jedi mind tricks....
We had two speaking slots at the conference and first up was Jedi master Steve Hitchman who impressed the delegates with his Agile Data Warehousing presentation and whilst focusing on the Agile message he also managed to subtly (and shamelessly) plug WhereScape RED in the process. Steve finished the presentation with a Star Wars themed explanation of how the Death Star was successfully developed using the Agile methodology the second time around after the colossal failure of the first “Waterfall” based development which went down very well with the audience.

The impact of that presentation was obvious at the next break with delegates heading over to the WhereScape stand to both discuss Agile development and to get a good look at RED in action with the stand which was 4 deep at times keeping our own Princess Leia, aka Account Director Emma Legge fantastically busy discussing the delegates business challenges… we could have done with a few more of us there to keep up with the demand!

Paul and Emma preparing the stand
Paul and Emma preparing the stand

The second speaking slot was Terry Mooney giving his account of how David Lloyd Leisure has utilised RED and Agile development methods to rapidly develop their data warehouse and provide them with a return equivalent to 20 times their investment further pushing home the message that the combination of WhereScape RED and the Agile development methodology is the way forward.

The event was a baptism of fire for two of the team with this being their first event representing WhereScape, UK country manager Rob Mellor and consultant Simon Spring handled the pressure well and thoroughly enjoyed their first conference with Simon holding his nerve to confidently deliver his first conference speed demo.

This was an excellent event for WhereScape with a lot of great companies in attendance (including a few of the biggest in the UK!) and even though the caffeine had worn off we were all still buzzing from the positive vibes and left the building feeling energised and looking forward to being very busy!


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