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3D Speeds Up Analysis

23 November 2011

The other day I set out to build a small data mart combining support data and development data from two database sources and several other sources.

I needed to quickly find out which tables in the two database sources I needed to use.

My development system has 104 tables and my support system 244 tables.

So I pointed WhereScape 3D at both sources.

Very quickly I had:
- complete ERDs of both sources
- profiling results for all tables and columns
- identified the 12 tables in the develpment system I needed
- identified the 13 tables in the support system I needed

Less than 30 minutes after starting, I was ready to build my data mart using WhereScape RED.

I'm sure it would have taken me at least a day to figure out both source systems without 3D.

Here's the ERD I ended up with for the subset of the develpment system I needed:

And here's the one for my subset of the support source system:


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