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BI Guys Strike Back

19 October 2011


The WhereScape Auckland team at laser quest


The WhereScape Auckland team meeting for September 2011 was held at the Megazone Laser Tag venue just off Ponsonby Road. For our second visit, fifteen people could make it this time so we had three teams of five which was perfect for the two level maze.

You can read the previous blog “Star Wars meets Ponsonby” to get the general idea of what we got up to, but needless to say it was three sessions for good, sweaty, laser fuelled fun in the dark.  Unfortunately for most of us there, age, stamina and experience didn’t seem to be any advantage over youth and exuberance.

As usual, some bar cruising Ponsonby style was the order of the day post Laser Quest, followed by some rather oversized burgers & fries at BurgerFuel.

Thanks again to those who could make it.


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