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Tough Enough ???

26 September 2011

July 2011

Once again the supreme athletes at WhereScape decided to escape the office and clients for a new event, the "Waikato Tough Guy and Gal Challenge". As with the coastal challenge, we decided another team “leave no man (or woman) behind” approach was best to ensure we all actually finished !!!

It was a great 6km circuit north west of Auckland in Kumueu, consisting of hills, water, bogs, mud, a little bit of flat, more hills, more water, more bogs & more mud, finishing with a fifty metre long trench with mud and water up to our chests. Because there was a lot of tough, anti-softness talk going on in the office when we registered, we opted for the double circuit so 12km in total.

On the day, we all met at the end of the first 6km lap, regrouped and ran the second lap, meeting just before the finish line to do some tough press ups in a circle formation. We all crossed the line together in 1hr 32m which was a very good effort by all who participated. The two highlights were a few of us getting extra dirty with some fine old school rugby tackles and mud wrestling and a large eel swimming down the great trench as we were wading up it.

Once again, we were the only team to finish together and congratulations to all WhereScapers who made the event a great one. We’re all looking forward to next year……I think ?

The WhereScape team at the finish line
The WhereScape team at the finish line
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