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Run for your Freak’n Life! Zombie Run

18 April 2012

Some would argue 'Run for your Freak'n Life' does not qualify as tough enough to grace the high standards of the tough wall. Although not your traditional long distance challenge, making your way through a 5k obstacle course, which closely resembled that of the Actual Tough Guy course, with the addition of some very fast zombies, for me placed it squarely in the tough category.

Each person has four streamers attached at the start of the race. The objective being to complete the course with at least one of your streamers still in tact. In our group ½ ended up half dead loosing two of the four whilst the others ended up ¾ dead.

The WhereScape trainees for up and coming apocalypse were Trevor Eastabrook, Dave Paul, and Stewart Lomax. With the addition of a late ringer from Vodafone, Eoghan O'Sullivan. Eoghan finished a very respectable fifth with two lives remaining. Trevor followed not too far behind whilst Dave and I decided to stick with the masses and came in around 38th. Dave also brought his son along. I guess he figured the zombies would go after the young and vulnerable.  He was wrong, they went after the old and slow.

Although not with us, Jake was also there. Looking way too friendly with the Zombie at the finish line.

The seriousness of the zombies rubs off and you find yourself running full tilt to escape them. They were not only on the sidelines but in the obstacles with you. I’m sorry to say I sacrificed many of the other competitors for my own survival. Even a member of our own team (Sorry Paul).

This was the first year the zombie run has taken place. I’m sure they’ll be repeating the event as it was such a huge success.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get a few more WhereScape victims to attend next time.

All in all a great day out.

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