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11 December 2012

November. The last month of spring, here in the southern hemisphere people are gearing up for summer, breaking out the swimming togs and beachwear and enjoying a bit of sunshine. However for the last few years the start of November has been accompanied by cries of dread from women around the world, as it also heralds a month of that most manly of activities - the growing of a fine moustache, or “Mo”.

For those unfamiliar with “Movember” as it has become known, this is a charity fundraiser for men’s health issues such as mental health and prostate cancer. The men of WhereScape gamely rose to the challenge in 2012 and thirteen chaps braved the dismay of their respective womenfolk to form team “WheresMyMoScape” and go head to head (or perhaps “Mo to Mo”) fundraising against teams across New Zealand.

Growing a moustache is not as simple as it may appear - there are many decisions to be made, most importantly at the first shave off: what style to choose? The Army Major? The Biker? The “Adolf”? The Gunslinger? Once adopted the style must be carefully groomed, one slip with the razor can ruin weeks of effort. However we managed to get an “interesting” range of styles going between us.

On the fundraising front WheresMyMoScape were lucky enough to have some very generous sponsors. Friends, family, clients and fellow WhereScapers came to the party and Team WheresMyMoScape raised an impressive $6,656 and finished 14th nationally in the team’s leader board and we were the smallest team in the top 20 (in number, not moustache size).

A special mention must be made of our resident sales guru Perry Sansom, who managed to raise an incredible $2,365 for the cause and finish 19th individually out of 15,000+ people, despite having a ginger Mo! Well done Perry, great effort!

A well-deserved pat on the back to all our brave Movember competitors this year and a big thank you to all our sponsors.

See the photo below for a sample of the mighty Mo’s sported by WhereScape staff for the last few weeks.

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