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Mountain Biking without Lions, Snakes or Baboons

16 February 2012

This week we're lucky to have Paul McCormick and Dave Welensky from Ixia Consulting in South Africa ( with us in New Zealand for partner and reseller training.

Rather than take Dave and Paul out for the usual Golf and endless dinners, we offer them a chance to go mountain biking in Woodhill Forrest north of Auckland last night.

Steve, Jason and Jacob left the city with Dave and Paul at 4pm for Woodhill.  Once everyone had a bike, we were off.  It turns out both guys love mountain biking and were keen to share stories of massive thrones that puncture tires, elephant stopping races, snakes blocking paths and baboons trying to steal your stuff whenever you stop.

We ended up doing about 13km (8 miles) of single track followed by 4km (2.5 miles) of gravel roads back to the carpark:

No ride is complete without some cooling down time so we stopped off at Hallertau Brewery in Riverhead for dinner on the way back to the city.

After skidding and sliding around all afternoon, Steve has promised to lower his tire pressure below 80 psi for future rides.

L to R: Steve, Dave, Paul, Jacob and Jason

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