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New Release of WhereScape’s Data Warehouse Development Environment Enables Cross-Platform Database Appliance Support

14 February 2012

WhereScape RED 7 adds support for analytic appliances, bringing rapid and agile data warehouse development and management to the entire data ecosystem

TDWI LAS VEGAS-- February 13, 2012 --WhereScape today introduced WhereScape RED 7, a new release of its integrated data warehouse development environment that supports today’s leading database appliances. WhereScape will be demonstrating WhereScape RED 7 support of IBM Netezza and EMC Greenplum in booth #501 at the TDWI World Conference in Las Vegas.

WhereScape RED 7 generates code that will run on the appliance through a fully featured user interface, enabling practitioners to generate the same code they would otherwise have to handcraft. In the case of IBM Netezza, WhereScape 7 will enable practitioners to utilize the IBM Netezza platform for ETL transformations, generate NZPLSQL set based SQL, as well as creating tables, all of which are documented and all automatically included in WhereScape’s integrated and open metadata repository.

WhereScape RED enables practitioners to access source data from multiple environments, create procedural code, scripts, and tables, build cubes, schedule updates, and generate documentation in HTML format, all while maintaining existing BI front-end compatibility. In addition to the analytical appliance integration announced today, WhereScape RED provides native support for Teradata as well as IBM DB2, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

“The days of the enterprise data warehouse operating as the centralized hub for all reporting and analytics is a thing of the past. Database appliances are gaining traction as IT organizations warm to the notion of using purpose-built platforms for specific analytic tasks, but the speed of the platforms has naturally outpaced the productivity tools needed to support them” said Shawn Rogers, Vice President of Research, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Enterprise Management Associate. “WhereScape RED 7 is ideally suited for today’s highly diverse, special-purpose IT infrastructures. WhereScape has increased its value proposition by moving from ‘let us build and manage your data warehouse’ to ‘let us manage your extended data ecosystem, which includes your data warehouse’,” Rogers said.

“Speaking as both a current WhereScape and Netezza customer, I am very excited by the announcement that WhereScape RED will be now be supporting IBM Netezza appliances,” said Johan Vendrig, GM of Information Services for healthAlliance, a New Zealand-healthcare services organization. “The development speed of WhereScape RED and the power of Netezza make for a great combination.”

“When WhereScape RED was first introduced, the data warehouse consisted of a single database, and we integrated our software with four of the industry leaders—Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle and Teradata,” added WhereScape CEO Michael Whitehead. “Our customers and prospects now want to develop and deploy quickly across a multi tiered data warehouse environment. We are committed to providing appliance customers a seamless, end-to-end experience for quickly developing their data warehouse infrastructure as well as help them maximize their use of it. WhereScape RED helps accelerate the development of data warehouses and enables organizations to them in less time, with less money, while mitigating risk and resulting in fully documented implementations,” Whitehead said.

About WhereScape

WhereScape design, develop, sell and support WhereScape 3D, the industry’s first data warehouse planning tool; and WhereScape RED, the industry’s first and best integrated development environment for building, deploying, managing and renovating data warehouses.

WhereScape’s products are used in every kind of business intelligence project found in today’s commercial environment: from normal-form enterprise data warehouses and data vaults, through user access layers and tiers of dependent data marts, to standalone data marts and reporting systems.

Our more than 500 customers are active and satisfied users of our technologies, and report that, with WhereScape’s products, they are able to build data warehouses with fewer people, few if any diversions, missed deadlines or unmet user expectations, and in record time: in days or weeks, instead of months or years. WhereScape has offices in Portland Oregon, Auckland New Zealand, and Wokingham UK. For more information, please visit

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