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Merry Christmas WhereScape 2011

19 January 2012

The WhereScape Christmas night out for staff was in Auckland in late December 2011 and kicked off with a few swift “sharpeners” at the very trendy Britomart Country club bar in the afternoon. Luckily there were some other BI bodies from Vodafone there to keep us company before we headed to “Monsoon Poon” in the Viaduct in Auckland. It’s a large Asian fusion restaurant and they didn’t have a table big enough to accommodate the 32 of us who turned up. This got a bit rowdy after three and a half hours of food, cocktails and jugs of beer so we moved on to the even more trendy Snap Dragon bar also in the viaduct. At this stage some of were a little wobbly and had to bluff our way past the ridiculous number of security staff. Apparently some of us also looked a little too scruffy to be allowed in but we all got in eventually. After a few more hours there we finished the night with no style at all at Danny Doolan’s dark, dingy bar until after 3am.

Thanks to all who made the effort to turn up and made it a fun night, especially the Hamilton crew.

In the photos you can see two things:
i) Mike holding one of the longest bills ever at Monsoon Poon. Coincidentally we had all suddenly gone outside at this point so thanks for paying.
ii) The tragic effects of having one too many as a couple of BI Guys do a bit of boy bonding in Snap Dragon.

Happy New Year to all WhereScapers, 2012 will be a great year!

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