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Doing it tough in the Colville Connection.. again

20 March 2012

Once again, the “wannabe” tough WhereScapers took on the 2012 “Colville Connection”, a 72km (45 mile) mountain bike race around the tip of the “Coromandel Peninsula”.  Some of us had done this before and knew how hard this ride is, with most of the roads being rough metal with some huge hills and the non road sections being rough mud/rock/metal with some huge hills.  Some sections of the race have some really huge drop offs down to the sea and rocks below and some hills are so steep that you have to carry/push your bike up them….not for the faint hearted.

Due to a last minute injury of a thumb, we lost our strongest talking and only intelligent 33% and had only the two of us there on the day.

Adventures during the race were constant and between the two of us we managed to: ride into a ditch, ride into bushes, get hit on the head by large branches, ride into a rock face, bang our heads on rocks and go over the handlebars on a corner and somersault down a grassy bank with a bike!  There was also rain on and off and a very nasty headwind on the home 20km stretch.

Nick was taking part for the first time and finished in a very respectable 4 hrs 21 minutes and Steve beat his personal best and took 4 hrs 49 minutes.

Photos show Nick and Steve trying various methods of potential banana storage and post race photo looking very weary.

We hope to see more brave WhereScapers there next year.

Go the “Tough” guys…..

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