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Woodland Warriors

28 May 2012

The regular monthly team meeting at WhereScape has incorporated many different activities over the years but we are always keen to experience the unknown.  One of the Hamilton branch suggested paintball as new, fun thing to do that would involve fresh air and team bonding so it was given the green light.

We all met up at “Hinterland Adventures” just north of Hamilton late one afternoon and were given a warm welcome and general paintball warfare instructions by the Hinterland staff.  The pre-game tooling up with overalls, masks and guns was interesting as we learned that each paintball from one of the gas powered guns travels at 300 feet per second and so we had to be at least 10 paces away from each other when shooting to avoid injury!

In between each of the six games we went back to the “safe hut” to rehydrate (see below) and have a rest as we were discovering running around a hilly wood in thick overalls with a full face mask on was a little warm.

We had a great time and a few of us accidentally ignored the sportsman’s rule of “don’t shoot someone in the back when they have their hands raised and are walking away from you even if they deserve it”.  There were lot of shrieks and cries of pain when some close shots hit home in classic ambushes and for the first time you can enjoy the “WhereScape Wall of Welts” below:

NOTE – Exact locations of bruises/welts remain secret but let’s jus say some were more comfortable that others.

Once darkness fell we had a final round of something I would describe as everyone running around in a small confined area with not much cover using up the last of their ammo……most entertaining.  We then cooked up a storm using the on site barbecue facilities and had a few refreshing hop based beverages for a few hours whilst mulling over our attack strategies.  The photo below is either some bruise rubbing or some morris dancing.  It’s hard to tell.


A great night and thanks to all those who made the effort to turn up, I am now physically scarred for life!

See you at the next re-match.

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