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The Dual 2013

19 April 2013

The “Dual” is a great event that allows you to run or cycle and experience the hills, rocks and water of a couple of well know Auckland Islands, Rangitoto and Motutapu.  We did this last year for the first time and enjoyed ourselves so much we came back for more…..with even more of us!

Dual 1Dual 3Dual 2

We had three runners for the 21km cross country, one for the10km cross country, one 30km mountain biker and five 50km mountain bikers.  The weather was perfect and as soon as we landed on the island after a scenic ferry trip the obvious pre-race activities took place which included:

  • Check tyre pressures/brakes
  • Check you have your helmet (don’t laugh.  Another rider forgot theirs and had to ride in a horse riding helmet from the stables of the nearest farm to be allowed to ride!)
  • Eat lots of bananas
  • Put super tight lycra outfit on
  • Fill your pockets with Jelly Beans and Muesli bars
  • Apply sunscreen to sensitive areas
  • Apply anti-chaffing lubrication to other sensitive areas
  • Fill all water bottles
  • Visit the long line for the port-a-loos
  • Finally listen to the pre-race briefing

Dual 5Dual 4

By 9.00am the first 50km mountain bikers were away and were followed an hour later by the 30km mountain bikes and 21km cross country runners.  The courses for the running and biking can only be described as “very hilly and gruelling in places” with several stretches of runners walking up hill and mountain bikers pushing their bikes up hill.  Last years blog ( gives more information on the technical elements of each course.

This year we all managed to finish without twisted ankles, mechanical bike failure, muscle cramps and falling off our bikes which all happened last year.  The finishing times were good all round but the courses were baked hard after weeks without rain so very hard on the feet/wheels.

Dual 6Dual 7

Once across the finish line, the compulsory post event socialising, music and drinks were enjoyed by all and we all sat around telling stories of more terrific toughness from the WhereScape athletes yet again.  The mountain bikers decided it was still as tough as ever and the runners just sighed a lot and agreed it was a really, really, really hard run.

Dual 9.0Dual 9.3Dual 9.2Dual 9.1

A really great day and another fantastic effort by the WhereScape team.

See you there next year

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