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Coastal (still very much of a) Challenge

18 March 2013

The Coastal Challenge is one of our favourite events and is incredibly challenging, whatever distance you complete.  It is a run heading south down the coast of Auckland’s North Shore and finishing in Devonport.  The 33km “full monty” run  is still out there as too tough for us office workers but five of us opted for the next longest distance of 22km and three of us opted for the 17km.  The last kilometre of the run is through Devonport but the rest is just sea, sand and rock.

Luckily, the tide was a little lower than the last two years so there were a few less bottle necks of runners queuing through the narrower and more technical areas.  However that was compensated for by the severe heat.  It seemed like a long, long time to be running and we all really had to concentrate on every step due to slippery and sharp rocks.  The good news was that we all finished the race without drowning or breaking a leg but at the finish line there were several new bruises, bleeding bits and strained muscles that reminded us just how hard the race really was.  Highly recommended for those who love a challenge as we do.

Unfortunately we had the usual rounds of last minute soft excuses for people who had registered not turning up on the day.  These excuses included some great new ones that I hadn’t heard before such as “I have a sniffle”, “I have a sore back” & “I have an international business meeting in Europe”……unbelievable.

The results for the 2013 event show the field and just how fast you can finish in if you are young, fit and crazy.

A very big congratulations to (* = first timer):




Bruno *

Tony *

Ralph *

Lena *

Patrick *

Before and after:

1 ambo2 whole group

Post-race unsuccessful stretching,  injuries and other finish line carrying on:

3 floored4 legs

5 gather

6 beer

7 tony nick8 tony

We will be there again next year and will be trying for even greater numbers

Well done all one another tough challenge completed!

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