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The Data Warehouse Landscape

07 March 2013


The Situation

The advances in storage and processor power have been mirrored by an explosion in data. Big Data is changing everything. There are now analytical tools that give the power to use this data and there are more options than ever when deciding the best platform to run a data warehouse on. Companies have a desire to extract value from this information but it is not easy – there is no one product that is the best at everything.

Business Problem

  • Existing approaches to data warehouse design do not fit with the demands of a multi-platform environment.
  • Many enterprises current data analysis capability are inadequate or too rigid to handle 21st century data requirements.
  • A single platform will not be the answer in a customers data warehouse.
  • Managing this new environment will require a diverse group of people with specialised skills.
  • There is the potential for more silos within an organisation creating an increased risk that projects will be slow and unsuccessful.

The WhereScape View
The rules have changed and a new paradigm of a data warehouse “landscape” has emerged. Customers will want to use best of breed for each of their disparate requirements but will grapple with finding a cost effective way to plan, manage and build this environment in a timely manner. They are also going to want a holistic view across all of their data in order to truly understand their customers, products and services.

What will customers need in this landscape to successfully deliver data warehouse projects?

  • Ability to plan the project across a multi-platform environment
  • A single development environment
  • Single metadata repository
  • End-to-end impact analysis
  • Single scheduling environment
  • End-to-end documentation

The WhereScape Products

We have been building our products with exactly these problems in mind. Regardless of the environment we want to ensure customers the fastest time to value. We believe that the traditional problems of data warehouses taking too long, being too difficult to change and difficult to support will only be exacerbated by the increased demands the data explosion will cause.


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