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New Zealand International Business Awards

26 September 2013

WhereScape are a Finalist in the 2013 New Zealand International Business Awards.

With success comes awards, and WhereScape has been nominated for its fair share of awards.  For the bigger awards ceremonies it is grab a table or two, dress up, and wait for the judges’ verdict to be announced.

We have one for these tonight – the New Zealand International Business Awards.  This is a bit different.  For a start these are not technology awards – we are up against, for instance a Vineyard and a rental car company  And for the first time it really does feel like an honor  just to have made the finals.  The other finalists have all done phenomenally well – different industries, different markets, different challenges, but all have achieved on the international stage.

We do not expect to win the award - in fact it would be a total surprise.  But we will certainly celebrate our achievement of getting this far.  It is recognition that our developers are top notch, we have a message that resonates with the market, and field operations that can effectively deliver that message.  But most importantly we add value to customers.  Success in these awards is all about delivering value, which we are proud to do every day.


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