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09 November 2014

Featuring many of New Zealand’s most innovative tech entrepreneurs and experts from every corner of IT, the 2014 ITx Conference brings together the best from the IT industry, computer research community and education sector.

More than 130 organisations were represented over the three-day October event in Auckland, including 2 Degrees Mobile Ltd, ASB Bank, Callaghan Innovation, Department of Corrections, Orion Health, Vector Communications, and Wynyard Group. WhereScape was delighted to be represented at the inaugural ITx event both at tradeshow and conference presentation levels.


At the tradeshow, the WhereScape booth enjoyed constant traffic, with many attendees taking the opportunity to catch-up on the latest product innovations in the world of data warehouse automation. Planning and building your data landscape now and into the future with 3D and RED, together with the WhereScape approach of looking out for you in the world of big data was very well received.

Highlighting the apparent and increasing convergence of the data warehouse and big data, the scene was set for David Morris of WhereScape to take the stage for his presentation, "Big Data. Don't Panic: Automation to the Rescue!"

David Morris presenting at ITx
David Morris presenting at ITx

David explained that the data industry appears to be at something of a cross roads in the 'data landscape' and raised several relevant and timely questions; where are we now? how did we get here? why is automation relevant, and what should we be doing now in readiness for big data?

David’s answer to these questions revolved around data warehouse automation can apply best practice across this landscape, before further explaining that if you are struggling with enterprise data you will struggle with big data. David's conclusion: Get Help. Automate!

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