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RED Release Update - IBM Pure Data System for Analytics & Pivotal Greenplum Support

06 November 2014

RED logo 10In today’s Big Data world it’s critical that businesses can quickly generate and consume data and analytics for competitive advantage. It’s also key to adopt solutions that can be quickly implemented and that scale out of the box with minimal tuning and ongoing support. Analytic appliances such as IBM Pure Data System for Analytics (Netezza) and Pivotal Greenplum fit this mould perfectly.

That’s why WhereScape has made a considerable investment in integrating our Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) toolset WhereScape RED with both the IBM and Pivotal solutions, to ensure that our customers can enjoy the benefits and advantages of DWA using these new systems. Our customers will be able to quickly develop and deploy mission critical business applications that deliver value and ROI within days and weeks, rather than the traditional months or years.

Using WhereScape RED as the foundational layer you can leverage the benefits of a Pivotal or IBM appliance in the following scenarios:

  • Build your Data Warehouse entirely on the IBM or Pivotal Appliance
  • Plug the Analytical appliance into an existing Data Warehouse and leverage it for query performance

Adding support for these new Analytical systems and growing our ecosystem is something we’re really excited about at WhereScape, it’s something we believe our customers will be able to leverage to drive their competitive advantage into the Big Data future.

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