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RED Release Update - Productivity Enhancements

11 November 2014

RED logo testAt WhereScape we know our customers are under pressure from business stakeholders to deliver intelligent solutions fast and match the speed of business evolution. We’ve been busy over the last few months building in some great productivity features to make sure RED Developers can be as productive as possible.

In the current version of RED we’ve added the following usability features:

  • Integration with the Microsoft Universal Data Link Wizard to simplify creation of new SSIS Load connections
  • Support for several new SSIS configuration options, including:
    • SSIS Row Count Logging for automatic capture of rows loaded
    • SSIS Acquire Table Lock for fast loading of data
    • SSIS Batch size and Commit Intervals for efficient loading of data
    • Specification of code page defaults for source and destination tables
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 2014 version
  • Introduction of new look and feel wizards and object properties which are more flexible and allow RED developers more configuration options
  • A new context menu option to create a duplicate copy of a RED object
  • A new context menu option to truncate a table without drop/recreate
  • Integration of the Hadoop HDFS file system with RED so that developers can use source data for their data warehouse from HDFS
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