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So, how do you eat a Hadoop Elephant?

08 November 2014

How do you eat a Hadoop ElephantAt WhereScape we are focused on developing software that enables our customers to use data for value creation.  All data, whether enterprise or big, needs some degree of refinement and curation.  While part of the refinement answer involves a room of people, we look to ways to provide automation solutions to reduce costs and speed up delivery. But its not automation for its own sake… Its automation in data management that eliminates breakdown, increases responsiveness, improves data quality, ensures consistency and governance, lowers costs, and most important – delivers results and empowers people to focus on further value creation.

We are constantly on the look out for articles which encourage discussion and greater debate around automation and ‘operationalization’ in both the worlds of data warehousing and big data, and we believe that Barry Devlin’s article, “So, how do you eat a Hadoop Elephant?” hits the spot.

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