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WhereScape 3D - what's it all about..?

10 November 2014

3D_logo copyWhereScape 3D is an advanced data modelling software solution from WhereScape. Its helps in the exploration and understanding of a data project from the beginning, significantly de-risking the project, and providing critical insight to the project team.

WhereScape 3D assists in accurately setting expectations about project cost, duration and complexity, it helps organisations to understand the unique characteristics of the environment, so they can be factored into the planning process. Using WhereScape 3D organisations can quickly assemble highly-specific implementation plans which can be shared across the organisation.

WhereScape 3D has advanced built-in capability for source data model discovery and supports a wide range industry standard data sources, including: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, Sybase, Informix, Progress, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Enabling organisations to quickly model their data sources and detect changes that impact down-stream processes. WhereScape 3D has built-in and unique data discovery options and analytics so that organisations can quickly and easily understand the makeup of their data and make decisions about any impacts or additional design considerations before beginning a data warehouse, data migration or source system upgrade type project.

Ultimately WhereScape 3D’s comprehensive and context-based approach to planning data projects allows teams to reality-test the project in every relevant dimension before the build process begins.

WhereScape 3D common use cases and functions:

Key Functions
Common Use Cases
Source Schema Discovery
Source Data Profiling
Model Design
New Data Warehouse build/upgrade project
Business Application Data Migration project
Business Application Upgrade planning project

WhereScape 3D features and benefits for these types of projects include:

  • Discover explore and document any potential source system, including detailed examination of the tables and columns
  • Profile source data with comprehensive profiling metrics and reports
  • Efficiently compare and report the structure and data of a data source
  • Easily version source systems and refreshable data profiling metrics
  • Generate project documentation, for governance, funding or internal communications
  • Provide project teams with the insight necessary for smooth upgrade paths that mitigate adverse effects on other business critical systems and processes.
  • Identify changes made to data sources and data are understood in advance, allowing the team to plan for an upgrade and de-risk the project
  • Save time, no complex TSQL scripts need to be written or maintained
  • Adoption is simple, no special knowledge required. BA’s, Project managers and developers can quickly get up to speed on WhereScape 3D and start adding value
  • Empower the business. Project managers and BA’s feel in control, and developers have a reduced workload
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