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WhereScape Wins Pedal-Power Award in 2016 Commute Awards.

22 July 2016

WhereScape has won the Pedal-Power Award for encouraging cycling to the workplace at Auckland Transport’s 2016 Commute Awards.

The Awards celebrate Auckland-based organisations’ successes in promoting sustainable modes of transport to their employees.

Approximately 30% of WhereScape employees cycle to work at least once or twice a week. Some employees are even classed as “Warriors” who cycle to work no matter the weather conditions.

WhereScape believes cycling is an efficient way to commute to work with the potential to reduce energy consumption and traffic congestion in Auckland. It is also a great way for employees to stay active and keep up their physical fitness levels.

WhereScape is proud to be sharing the vision for sustainable commuting with Auckland Transport and other like-minded organisations. 

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