Oracle Multi-User Login feature
For Oracle users wanting each developer to log into Oracle using their own username and password, we’ve added the new Oracle Individual User Logon feature.
WhereScape’s Oracle Individual User feature allows a user, with the appropriate permissions, to individually log into WhereScape RED and then operate as the RED schema. This method also enables customers to configure RED ensuring that users logged in via this method cannot edit the metadata user password in the connections, and also ensuring that the password is encrypted.
This is useful for auditing individual WhereScape RED user activity in both the Oracle database and in RED itself. The users authenticating user name is now stored in the CLIENT_IDENTIFIER field of v$session which can be used by Oracle’s auditing function to track individual developer activity within the Data Warehouse.
SQL Server Integration Services File Loads feature
In this version we have introduced a new SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) load option for file based loads. This gives customers the flexibility to use the SSIS engine to load files using in a performant way and without requiring Bulk Admin server rights. Using SSIS loads also allows customers the ability to avoid some of the limitations of the BULK INSERT statement, particularly when the file contains text that is qualified.
If customers receive a file with a variable name i.e. with a date in it (for example sales_order_20150811.txt) then standard RED parameter substitution can be used to import variably named files using the SSIS File Load. For example sales_order_$PDW_DATE$.txt.
SQL Server Integration Services Exports feature

In this version we’ve introduced a new option for file exports using SSIS. The process is very similar to how an export is created normally however customers just select “Integration Services Load” on the export object properties and configure the file properties as desired. When the export is run an SSIS package is automatically created and run by RED generating the file.

WhereScape 3D and RED Integration

The integration between 3D and RED has been stepped up in this release, it is now supported to generate 3D designs and import these designs into both Oracle and Teradata Data Warehouses.

Other Minor Enhancements

• Loading data into an Oracle Data Warehouse from Hadoop is now supported via Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS (OSCH) and Oracle Loader for Hadoop (OLH)
• Loading data into a Teradata Data Warehouse from a Hadoop Cluster using TPT loads is now supported
• Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) support has been extended in this release
• The maximum number of RED Groups have been increased to 250; and the maximum Projects increased to 1,000
• RED now supports tables with more than 512 columns